Kennel Rich Riesen
Skinnerup Mark 2
7700 Thisted
Telefon: 97 91 23 83

Danish language. Dansk tekst

 Aya: DKCH Rich Riesen´s Pagan Baby.


 Born 21.01 2007.


Aya - My little darling - you had to go through so much before you found your family .... As a puppy, you were sold to a family where a divorce hit and seperated your ways. Then you came to a good and dear breeder collegue - but unfortunately the HD showed its ugly face again - then you came to another nice family - albeit not quite able to lead an active life, two big dogs and 2 small children. You came home again. We had a fantastic time - you were the sweetest princess - well behaved - and pretty good at both children and puppies. HD was checked again ...... but still ..... good enough for breeding .... just not here. We had intended for you to stay. Vi exhibited you and you quickly became Champion - suddenly Dorethe and Per came by. What they did not think were possible happened - you stole their hearts - an adult dog! I sense that now you have found your place ....
Otherwise you should know that the door is always open here.... The door to our hearts, you have found long timeago ...... Aya my baby.

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