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  DKCH, Venus-N Dei Demoni Neri.

Venus-N Dei Demoni Neri.

f. 03/11.- 2004 (Italien)

Venus little Venus - As fate would have it different ....... January 29, 2005 - I remember it quite clearly: it was Jeppe's one year birthday. I sat on the plane bound for Milan to pick up my new little star. From the very first glance you OWNED me - I was your pivot point. You grew up, became a beautiful beautiful little lady - full of fun and pranks - you can run the sun black - and you love it.
Regrettably, your hips and your back is not so strong and you got an HD diagnosis - with me - it means exclusion from breeding. At the time we had not yet so many dogs - so you were displayed and quickly became Champion. One day Lars rang - Ove's son - and suddenly, without thinking about the words that came out of my mouth - or thinking at all, the consequence was that I offered you to be Ove's new best friend ..... That you have been since 2007 - and what a wonderful dog's life you have .... close to forest and beach. You're still in my heart ......

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

Attila – N Dei Demoni Neri Brandolee - N Free De Pichera
Windi Del Chifente
Upa De Pichera - N Stablemaster´s Zorba
Zarza De Pichera
Alishia - N Rusty - N Thom Della Selvafosca - N
Upa De Pichera
Naomi - N Vulturium Dakota - N
Aidee - N

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