Kennel Rich Riesen
Skinnerup Mark 2
7700 Thisted
Telefon: +45 97 912 383

Danish language. Dansk tekst

  DKCH - Rich Riesen´s Here Comes The Sun.

  Born 06/05 - 2006

Kennel Rich Riesen


Soffe Loffe ...... I sold you as a puppy - but a divorce made our paths crossed again - Fortunately. You are a whimsical and beautiful troll - which was absolutely meant as a permanent part of our lives - you became Champion and enriched us with a fine litter - actually you should have had another litter here .... but one day rang fam. Storm. they want to look at a puppy ..... but in the end it was you who stole their hearts.
You filled a large and important place here with us - but I am proud to say that the place you now are holding - is possible even more important! Soffy - anywhereyou are the sun will always shine ....

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

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