Kennel Rich Riesen
Skinnerup Mark 2
7700 Thisted
Telefon: +45 97 912 383

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 Dulle - Rich Riesen´s Lookin´ For A Reason.

  Born 21/01 - 2007

Kennel Rich Riesen


Oh ... My beautiful Dulle-Marie - my beautiful beautiful Dulle - you with the 8 legs - it says so in an exhibition criticism - and yet you are charming your way into the hearts of all and one who meets you. Queen Dulle ..... You should carry me through the grief of loosing Super - and oh .... one can only smile when you are near.
Those damn hips ..... the stand in the way of our wishes and dreams - but when you have 8 of them we quickly get on top again. As fate would have it you would fill an even larger space - namely after Buster at Fam. Christensen .... Think; you have already filled an empty space after two remarkable and beloved dogs .... that's what you are doing so well - because you are you. Dulle you are my soulmate and my happiness bomb .....

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

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