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Skinnerup Mark 2
7700 Thisted
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Our dogs

Riesenschnauzer origins from Germany, where they in the south were used to herd cattle.

It is an intelligent dog that is easily trained. They are used widely in Europe for police and security work.

They are lively, active dogs and they can be stubborn and wilful and need a firm hand when training. They do get on well with other dogs, household pets and children. They are ideally suited to the active family. They are quick to alert the family of any strangers approaching their territory, as they are excellent guard dogs. They should be socialised and training started at an early age.

They are not the ideal dogs for the novice owner.

Terco de Pichera (DANISH WINNER 2010)
B. 30/06-2004
Rich Riesen´s Ramble Tamble (DKCH- Guldhund 2009 KLBCH and DKK Breed winner 2010).
B. 21/01-2007
Asia-N Dei Demoni Neri (DKCH, KLBCH, PSK Sieger, ISPU Sieger)
B. 22/7-2002
Wonderfull Walk Switch (DKCH - Guldhund 2008).
B. 10/06-2006
Zarina´s Design Increible Suerte.
B. 06/06-2009
Rich Riesen´s Got My Mojo Working.
B. 30/08-2009.
Rich Riesen´s Seven Wonder
B. 25/10-2009
Rich Riesen´s Book Of Love.
B. 25/10-2009
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