Kennel Rich Riesen
Skinnerup Mark 2
7700 Thisted
Telefon: +45 97 912 383

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Spoiled, with guarantee..........

Section with outdoor fenced yard.Spending time away from your four-legged member of the family is hard. It may cause you many worries and considerations.
To leave your dog to the care of other people is a matter of trust. Here we tell you about our kennel and give an idea of how we will take care of your dog.

If it's the first time your dog shall stay with us, we recommend that you to come by, to see for yourself, how we accommodate and care for your dog. Please call in advance to arrange this visit.

We offer:

* 15 large, light and comfortable boxes in three units.

Light and clean boxes.

* Brickmade and well insulated beds.

Insulated beds in each box.

* Optimum and loving care by adult personel. - We emphasize the importance of human contact. - We always have 24 hour surveillance with your dog.

* Large outdoor fenced area.

Outdoor fenced area.

* Minimum 4 daily outings - To avoid stress, the dogs are not allowed to run in and out between the box and the outdor area.

* 24 hours of easy listening music

* Olivers dog-food is included in the price. At your own responsibility, you may bring your own preferred food, blankets and toys.

* In case of illness, the owners vet will be consulted, if requested. In other cases the kennel vet (Thisted Dyreklinik) is used.

* We will medicate your dog with your medicine at no extra cost.

Minimum 4 daily outings.
We expect:

* That the dog has been vaccinated according to the vets recommendations.

* That the dog is in treatment, - or free from fleas and worms upon arrival. - Then it will also be free from it when you pick it up again.........

* Payment at checkout.

1 dog pr. box kr. 100,-/day
2 dogs pr. box kr. 125,-/day
3 dogs pr. box 150,- /day

During New-Year the price is kr. 200,- pr. dog (31.12 - 1.1)

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Prices valid from January 2007

Opening hours:

From kl. 08.00 - 10.00 and 15.00 - 17.30.

Other times, only after prior arrangement.

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