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What lies behind us and what

lies in front of us are but tiny

matters as compared to what lies

within us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

LP1,DKCH, POZNAN SIEGER 98 – Skansens U.S of America

Skansens U.S Of America.

3/4-1996 - 30/12-2000.

Dear little sweetheart
Where ever you are, you will always be in my heart.......

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LP1 -LP2 Klanens Fit For Fight

Klanens Fit For Fight

06/12 1993 - 09/02 2006.

You touched my heart you touched my soul
you changed my life and all my goals
Goodbye my love
Goodbye my friend

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DKCH Klanens One of Charlie Angels

Klanens One of Charlie Angels

27/09 1998 - 09/02 2006.

Min lille Engel, Mikke Mokke, Smukke Dukke.
Tak for ALT....

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Rich Riesesn´s Super Trouper

05/05 2005 - 31.07 2006

When my life is through
and the angels ask me to recall
the thrill of them all,
then I shall tell them I remember YOU.

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Du var min drøm, mit håb og min stolthed......
Kom igen min skat !!!

Dogs come and go
With lessons to learn and lessons to teach.
So, we love them and learn.
We accept the pain of their going
as we received the joy of their coming
All of it is a blessing

Shirley Thayer

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