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Shit happens......

Well - even Linus concurs ,-)

I had been looking forward to the week-ends show in Herning.
Everything was planned and ready - But i had reckoned without one´s host.
Laura woke up thursday night with a running nose and a high feever.
Friday morning we went to the doctor, who send us along to the hospital in Aalborg.
Here were we - Linus, Laura and me - on a week-end visit from friday to saturday. Saturday I coulden´t stand it no more. Laura was doing much better, so we left the hospital and headed for home.

Well, well, Martin knows the drill with the dogshows - and as earlier mentioned, often gaining better results when performing on his own - than when I´m along sending him "evil" eyes from the sideline ;-)
Consequently Martin and the four fourlegged went to Herning on their own.....

And what happened to the little joy below:

He got his 6th cert - Yes, we are talking about Makker
- At this very moment he is lying in front of the play pen protecting Laura og Linus - Doing such a good job, that every time I´m approaching with a camera, he gets all worked up, and seems to be saying "Don´t you think that I am a good babysitter?" Hopefully I will be able to catch a picture of them somehow.

The girls were also performing fine - but got beaten by Ausra - that basicly just took it all. ( BIR, NV 2008, DKK Vinder2008)
Congartulations to Henriette and Christian - Kennel Dibomba !!!

But even Harley and Carlo wanted to engage in the fun.

Carlo ( Rich Riesen´s it´s After Dark ) became Best Puppy in the Race - Congartulations to Jesper and Dorthe.

Harley became BIM and became by that also NORDISK VINDER 2008. It´s so nice to have Harley to show the way, for all us other Rich Rieseners......

Congartulations to Christian and Anja - What a list of titles that beautiful guy already has !!!

Well, now there will be a long time before the next show, but don´t despair, we are not going to hibernate - The dogs need to be trimmed down, so we will be ready for 2009´s competitions.

See you all out there.......


Oh My !!!!!

It's almost been a month since the twins arrived.

Even this picture is almost obsolete - New things are happening all the time.
They are already now showing different personalities - Linus likes to party all night long, as his father - and Laura is just a sweet little girl, just like her mother - HA HA ;-)

I think they are just the right mix of us concerning their temperaments.
We are doing fine - but we can of course notice that there are two of them - but no complaints. In just a little time we will receive dubble up on smiles and hugs - dubbel up on laughter and joy. The opposite have been deleted from my vocabulary and consciousness !!!

And then there are the lovely dogs !!!!

The last Club Show of 2008 was held in week 42 - Even though we did not participate ourselves - I think it's the first show we have missed in the last ten years - We won all the same !!!


"Little" Barolo - Rich Riesen´s Laugh And A ½ - had his debut in the ring.
Well...... Despite mother Charlotte´s début nerves, it went super fine !!!
Først blev Barolo racens bedste hvalp, og siden hen BIS1 hvalp. Flot flot gået.

Harley had lured the family to Haarlev.
My - It was so frustrating sitting at home, knowing you all had a great time.
But you are doing just fine without us. !!!!!
Harley first became BIR and later on BIS2.
I think Christian & Co. flew home on a pink cloud !!!!

Talking about bright clouds - 2008 has, on the Canine side, been on enduring bright experience for Kennel Rich Riesen.

2008 Club Winner has been found:

Gold Dog 2008 - Wonderfull Walk Switch

Best Male 2008 - Rich Riesen´s Bang - A - Boomerang

Nr. 3 2008 - Flame V.D Talmühle

Nr. 4 2008 - Rich Riesen´s Ramble Tamble

Just think about it - we either own or have breeded the first four on the list. But we had never reached this level without our devoted puppy buyers, trimming assistance from Helle and Stavros' help in the ring.
Many, many thanks to you all.

You almost get exhausted thinking about it, but there is no use for this as Makker, Flamme, Switch, and Dulle are awaiting a bath before the week-ends show in Herning, Nordic Winner. Likewise, the Danish Race Winner of 2008 is still totally open -
Interesting to see if the trophy, again this year, will be travelling to Thy - or the "bombs" will get it.

But one thing is for sure - We are looking forward to see you all again in Herning.


Finally they are here.
Tuesday october 7th. at 13.32 & 13.33, two golden nuggets came to this world.

A pair of healthy children were born on this wonderfull autumn day.

The boy weighs 2620 g. and was 49 cm.
The girl weighs 2240 g. and was 46 cm.


Another weekend on the road........For Martin and Co.!!!

Oh my, I was more or less chained o the house - They wouldn't bring me along - They couldn't control me, they said - Well what did they expect ;-)

Well I had to surrender and stay in Thy - While Martin was flagging or local flag in Ballerup. (saturday 21st October 2008)

Yet again it was the four of them: Makker, Flamme, Switch andg Dulle. - And even Molly (Rich Riesen´s Summer Me Soon) had found her way to Ballerup Super Arena.


Makker became the hero of the day = Best Male + Male´s 5. CAC. Well done foa a tramp. The girls had to accept a lower placing than beautifull Ausra - another one of the "Bomberne". They are ruling right now!! Congratulations to Kennel Dibomba!!

A date has been set.......


Where this charmer will be a BIG BROTHER.

Tuesday October 7th. a little brother and sister will be ariving - by a planned caesarian section.

Pyh - Just a week - a bit scary maybe !!!!
But we are looking forward to it - and are hoping they will be as easy as Jeppe was when he was a little baby


We promise to update with facts and pictures of all our children soon.

Until then - have a great time.


Hello Again..........

It's time for an update of life in North Jutland.
We will take it in th eorder it happened - as hard as it is - as some things are filling more emotionally than others !!

The best thing about attending dog shows is meeting with "old" friends.

Jeppe enjoyed that Nicolai just came by - As it is a little far from Lynge to Thy and vice verse.

The last weekend of August was the DSPK Club Show in Lillerød, and strangely we were there too ;-)
This time we had brought Makker, Flamme and Switch along.

Martin displayed Makker, who won his class. Kim displayed Flamme that also won her class. Switch - which were displayed by both Martin and me. Martin took the running displayes and I was displaying her at the static. See images below....


Results: Another Danish Champion to Kennel Rich Riesen......

Pyh - I got so happy - my little Swille Bille.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Saturday September 6'th - became the day, where we had to say goodbye to my mother.
Thank God you never know the day. Even though it's feared, hated, and expected, It became a day in the spirit of mother - which made it somewhat easier to cope with. All that she had wanted came through, she was able to leave us without fear and pain, which in itself is a blessing in this situation.

Now, those of us that are still here must learn to live with the pain of having lost - and again find the joy of having loved.

Thank you to all who have supported us in these times.


And summer it became........


Be carefull for what you are wishing.
Jeppe fully enjoyed the hot summer days, as did his mother with her feet nicely planted in ice water (thank god for the icemachine in the refrigerator) and the huge belly in the shade. Yes - I was gaspiong for breath like a stranded whale when the men returned from Kindergarten and work.
The Olympics saved me - Now I had an excuse to be sitting inside, being updated in front of the black box.

Besides the Olympics we have invested in a new children/dog transporter. - Oh, It's so nice. I'm looking forward to seing it at our house. Even though it's difficult to say goodbye to the old (wife car) that humbly has serviced us since we first became parents - We have driven so many km in that car - and I'm sure we will in the new car as well.....
The building team - Martin, father-in-law, and a fantastic helpfull uncle, has begun to install a bathroom on the first floor. FANTASTIC !!!!! - But a difficult task with miss hormonella in the house.
The most amazing thing is, that it seems that it will be finished before the twins arrive....
And - by the way - we have also participated in a show in Vejen.


Saturday August 16th. we went to Vejen. 2 million bees had opted to do the same.
We tried to explain them that we were friendly people. Especially Jeppe, who thought that they must be thirsty in this kind of heat, and then supplied them with plenty of Cola in the grass.
And now we really had the pleasure of the little flying creatures.
The results were fine:
Makker got CERT number 4 and
Flamme became best bitch.
Switch did fine as well, Dulle Marie were allowed to stay at home with mommy Asia and Soffy - because she has her summer hair.

That's all for now - until next week-end where we are at yet another dog show....


Så - så - så - så er det sommer
som smagen af saltvand og blommer
så - så - så - så er det sommer......

AS Johnny Deluxe sings so beautifull - HM well the only thing indicating it's summer is the rains constant drumming on the windows - and offcourse Tour De France on the TV. The latter you can get used to, however, the first is just annoying !!!!

Luckily you can always think back to the good days that has passed - take for instance the beautifull picture of Harley & Harley - This is summertime allright !!!

It's been a while since the website was updated last. Not that we have been doing nothing. Well where to start .....

We have received many cute pictures and lovely mails from our puppibuyers. And again I can't help thinking "It is not so bad after all" It's so fantastic to bring happiness and enjoyment into many families. It is a gift - and we are always pleased to hear from our "small" kanine children.
Just watch Candy below - that just brings warmth to you.

The show season is on standby now, but will be starting up in August again. We have though been on two shows, Worldog Show i Stockholm and the Svenska Riesenschnauzerklubben's Club Show. Results are available on the showpage.
We had a fantastic trip.
It was with mixed emotions that we left for Sweden. My big stomach - and my mothers tough situation - four dogs and Jeppe in the car could all be a challenge.
However, it went better than we could have expected...

Not the least due to the lovely people we were surrounded by. Anja was especially busy, she had taken on the duties as an octopuss: Photographer - dog holder - children catcher - foodgatherer - navigtor a.s.o. What would we do without you - You are a star!!

This year again, I had the job of providing accomodation for us - We were more lucky than last year (in Vejen) as I found a small hotel situated right between the two venues - So there was max 15 km of driving, perfect.
Even the weather was coorporating. It was actually summer in Sweden!!
No complaints aboyt the results either...
- But to compare us with the danish schnauzers would almost be an insult to them.

Congratulations to Kennel Mohner - Hans and Yvonne - Dorrit and Michael with:
- WW08 Bardwoods Black Jack
- WW08 Mohner`s Titan
- WW08 Res. Ankor Kurazh Instead Of Destiny and
- WW08 Revolution Black Grand Calvera.

Pyh - You can almost get exhausted with those kind of results....
Us Riesen-people has a bit to go yet. But we can thankfully congratulate Kennel Matica and Kennel Maren Brems with Gloris Bodytalk´s fine result as 3´er Champion Klassen and Schnau - Sør´s Immorttal Etta as 4´er Mellemklassen.

Otherwise life goes on in Thy. We are very busy in the pension. Unfortunately the doctors have ordered me a Ptistop as the small things in my tummy are not growing quite to plans. That I cannot understand as I watch the huge football I am carrying around. Doctors are following the situation with a scanning every two weeks.
My mother is slowly deterioating - even though it is as expected - it is very sad.

Right now I am happy the weather seams to point towards summer again, and looking forward to meet other doglovers this summer.
See you all !!


Hæ Hæ - No reason for being too coy

Flying high, Falling deep - as they say......

Well - it wasn't all bad!!!

In the week-end 31. maj/ 1.Juni Martin and Co. went on tour again. Saturday they went to Neumünster in Germany, and sunday they participated in the National Show in Varde. Results are available on th show page.
What can we say: " Some like it hot - some not" Despite this Martin had a real good time with lots of cold "Blue" and Stavros´ fantastic food - and SOMMER !!! I think he enjoyed a little time away from home. Where he is constantly chased around by the paint brush and us humans ;-)

At the same time we now that the feeling of winning becomes even greater when you remembers and accepts the risk of loosing...

However we will like to congratulate Kennel Dibomba and Karen Hassing.
Congartulations with the Championate to Dibomba´s Astro.
2 champions in 2 weekends - WELL DONE !!!


The naughty handsome guy above is Bono - He is son of Flamme, and with that "face" there is no way to deny it...
He enjoys his soccer as many others in these times. We are though missing the Danish Dynamite in red and whites. - Right?

We are lucky to have recieved some fine pictures from our puppy buyers...
See Rollo below.......


I wonder what he is thinking about ? You just can't help loving his expression !!!
See even more pictures on "My New Home" - It's updated often -THANK YOU !!


And we thought things coudn't get any better.........

Then it reaches another level:

The douple show in Mols was FANTASTIC !!!!!

Our little crazy beautifull Switch took it all the way saturday and ended up becoming:


Then it was time for my tears to start roling - HM HM- Crygirl Tanja wept and smiled at the same time.
It didn't get much better on sunday.......

Sunday Makker became first BIR and later on BEST IN SHOW 3.

Reflecting - We either owned or had bred both BIR & BIM on both show days. - " We can't walk on water, but we can so muc more..." you almost wan't to sing aloud. Simultabiously, many of our puppy byers, were participating so we had a joyfull reunion withd: Harley - Taja - Ronja & Rufus - and their lovely humans.

The show in Mols is as always a fantastic experience, where there is rich opportunity to meet people.
This year, the atmosphere was top notch, The weather perfect and the food delicious. As the show is running over two days, everyone is relaxing and mingling with each other.

Jeppe also found Mols a big hit - This time there was many lovely children participating. Jeppe and his new best friend - Nicolai - were both participating in the Child Dog Competition - Who had the most fun? - Well - Take a look at the image below.... They were having a ball !!!

Finally we would like to wish our competitors congartulations:
Kennel Maren Brems with Championat to Kaiser & Kennel Dibomba with Championat to Ausra.



Well - It's time.....

It's time for the puppies to leave mummy.

Luckily enough, the departures were spread over two weekends, so we had time to get used to the silence.
- However, we are fortunate enough to keep little Buster, he will first leave friday.

And he is thrilled having mother Soffy all to himself. The are playing, fighting, eating, and sleeping together.
Yesterday Buster went for a trip.... Jeppe wanted him to see his kindergarten - so he was put into the car, and were displayed to all the children. - He just loved it - His tail was rotating like a propeller. And all the kids recieved wet kisses. SUCCES !!!

It has also been a succes delivering all the puppies to their new families. Many were worried - if I would be crying when they left our home - which has happened before ;-) But I am now a big girl, and I have transformed it to something positive, It's a gift in itself that we are able to bring joy and happiness in to many families - So if someone spotted a little tear, it was from being happy.

We are always happy when we get feedback from the new proud puppy owners. All puppies have been behaving like a charm, and are settling in nicely.
- Which we can actually proof ;-)
Read more on: My New Home


Dear Friends.......

As you might have noticed we have been slow updating oru website. We also know some of you have had problems reaching us via phone or mail etc.

This is not intentional ;-)

However, we are presently in a very dissicult situation. Very sad but also happy times are upon us. We have had to prioritize our time/schedule.

Unfortunately Tanja´s motherr is very ill - She is fighting a loosing battle agains cancer.
Unfortunately we are now in the final fase - hense we are spending a lot of our time at the hospital.

At the same time we are joyfull.....
As we will become parents again in October:

This pregnancy is obviously very different compared to the first one - and Tanja is not used to be limited by anything ;-). This time she has realised she has founf her match !!! Tiredness, nausea, size and backpains is already now very limiting, that my trimming customers has been redused in numbers to a minimum.
I hope that I can carry on just a little bit longer.....
The Pension is been looked after as previoiusly and all bookings for the summer will be honoured.

AND .......

Then there is all our puppies !!!!

There are many new images on the puppy page.

The puppies has kept os to our daily routines in the best thinkable way.
It's impossible to remain sad when you are watching a flock of happy puppies, milling around. They can't help putting a smile on your face.

They have had there second worming some time ago, today they will be Chipped and thursday they will get vaccinated. The puppi packets have been packed - the hair is combed and we have had visits of the most wonderfull people - who all promised us the will love and take care of our little guld nuggets.
So, from saturday it's time. They are leaving home..... And then the silence - the awfull silence.

But before that we have many things to do... We will visit the town, out in the blue, they need a little more trimming and they are going to learn how to use their noses. Which they already have started to do - they are vacuming the the fields searching for food that Tanja has spread around. It's such a lovely pack - very attentative - but it can become a bit of a kindergarten when we all are on tour.

This time of year is also birthday time in the family.

Hip Hip Hurray.

May 05th ABBA litter is 3 years old, and today May 06th Beatles litter is now 2 years old.

Congratulations to all of our lovely dog-children.

Finally - Martin has been to DKK International dogshow in Hillerød.
Results are avaiable on the show page.....

Well - Not quite over yet ;-)

I don't know how to put it - It's probably one of the very few times I have been lost for words.

Martin shared the trip with Helle Maj, and on the ride over there they divided the dogs between them, who was to display which dog, and planning the gameplay, they thought...

When the day was gone they had achieved the best ever result for Kennel Rich Riesen.
Not that we haven't wun before - because we have - with all the lovely dogs that now is the foundation of our breeding, but that day..... It was our own breeded dogs that wun!!!

Makker and BOB and Dulle became BOS.

16 months old - siblings from the same litter - on a big international show - with so many praising words from the judge that makes nice girls blushing.

A most fantastic feeling - and we are deeply thankfull.

It gives some stamina so we are better prepared to handle defeats we know will come along.

Finally - Thanks very much to all that has backed us, and are helping in time of need.

No matter if it's displaying dogs, trimming and prepping, photographing and lending a shoulder and an ear in hard times.

Your help is very much appreciated.


Oh - another week has passed again......

- And a milestone has been passed by the puppies.

Their first meal - not from the milk bar - but it was good with a little snack at Mummy's place afterwards.

It's always exiting when the puppies reach this point, but also a complete bew ballgame for us.

From now on there will be much more for us to do.
When the puppies are getting solid food, Soffy's interest in cleaning up after the puppies has dissapeared.
Therefore the puppi box is not as presentable as before. And it's no secret that a riesenschnauzer passes plenty more than a schnauzer.
Further more they need to know that food must go in the mouth, and not necessarily used to bath the neighbour in.

Hi Hi - So it's a short time.

In a few days they will be popping out of the box, and from then on they will be allover.

The box floor will be covered with newspapers, toys and blankets....

Now the real puppi time begins - HURRAY !!!!!!


Better late than never.....

Slightly delayed, here is the news from week 14

All puppies had thei nail clipped last week. - A terrifying experience to some of the puppies. Mostly because they thought we were going to cuddle, and then I brought along the stupid nail clipper. And I even expected them to behave nicely during the ordeal ;-)

I know I have been forgiven as they hurry to the edge of the box when they hear my voice. Thank god for that, now we know their ears are functioning as well!!!!

So now they are getting used to the sounds form the vacum cleaner, barking dogs, a happy playing Jeppe and life in general.


Sunday April 6th. The whole Kusk Larsen family went to the show in Gesten.

Jeppe had a lovely day, he was fortunate to borrow sweet Sirah for the Child and Dog Competition.

Unfortunately Jeppe was the only participant - but Jeppe enjoyed the trip around the show, and as you can see, he was very proud !!!! ( As was his parents ;-) )

All in all we had a lovely day in Gesten.

Harley became Club Champion - A big congratulation to Anja and Christian.

Flamme became best in opposite sex and got a Cert. So we are not complaining !!!


It's buzzing of activity.....

The whelping box is becoming more lively.

All the puppies have now opened their eyes - However, they can hardly see anything yet. This fact does not stop their effort in having races in the box - Especially when Soffy is opening the Milk Bar ;-)

It's strange thinking about, this week will be the last of the "Silent" weeks. From now on, they are becoming more and more "real" puppies as the days are passing. - I am so much looking forward to it....... - And maybe not. Suddenly eight weeks has passed and it's time to say goodbye, as the puppies will move to their new lovely families. And then the Silence will be audible here. On the other hand, they will spread joy and smiles amongst their new friends.

See latst photos on the puppi page.

All puppies are now reserved.


Easter Holiday ? = Wishfull Thinking !!!

Easter has been especially busy this year with small puppies, familyvisits, shows, and a brisk little snow storm.

Let's begin talking about the puppies:

Oh My ! It's already been a week since they left the comfort of Soffy's big belly. It was obvious that it was a good idea, since Soffy is just a Super Mum - A bit irritating though, since I would like to have my say in the bussiness. But No, Soffy can manage herself to the best grades.
All puppies has now more than doubled their weight, som even tripled it. So everything is just all right.

You can se more images on the puppi page.
We are still awaiting them to open their eyes, and get on their feet. Then it will get get even more exciting.

For sale now is: 1 dog and 1 bitch

A Male Only Experience........

It had to come - as I was on standby next to Soffy...

Martin and Stavros defied the impeeding snow storm and went on their way to Næstved dogshow. - And what a show, I'm not sure I will ever be allowed to participate again ;-)

BIR Rich Riesen´s Bang - A - Boomerang & BIM Flame VD Talmühle.

I think we can rest assured knowing it was a formidable Male Experience. The success is almost tangable:

They had 4 dogs: Flamme, Makker, Dulle and Switch, and the 4 of them wun in their respective classes. Makker and Switch both wun their first Certificates to the Danish Championate - And going even better, Harley Became BIR. Harley, still has a very big place in our hearts. - Congratulations - Finally, Harley and Christian beat the girls - Even though Flamme was in hot pursuit becoming BIM.

You can read all the results on the show page. I would have liked so much to have been there experiencing 4 Rich Riesen dogs in BIR class........

It ads fuel to our engines, mind you the long lasting type - even though we next time might be beaten by our lovely colleagues/competitors.....


The storch came by ;-)

-and the "samll fish" has been converted to real puppies..

Saturday March 15th, on the most beautifull spring day, Soffy brought her small "licorice-mice" to the world.

What a day - It started well with 6 puppies in 1 ½ hour !!! Then Soffy mum had a little break. At 8.30 another puppi came to the world. Unfortunately, later on Soffy had to have a Caesarean section, because a huge puppy was stuck in the pelvis. I had tried, to the best of my abillities, to get it out, but I couldn't reach it. It was a breech position.

At the veterinarian, we got it out, and decided, after I insisted - in a way only a women can - to get the rest out by a Caesarean section. Soffy was very tired as she had been in birth for 12 hours. Luckily the veterinarian was persuaded..... and we got 3 big, beautifull, lovely, and not the least living puppies.

All in all 11 puppies - 7 males and 3 bitches are alive and well. They have eached gained 50 grams daily !!!

Many of them were already reserved, and the new puppy buyers were pleased about the birth and are looking forward to visit and see the new puppies - and we are looking forward to showing them.

Still for sale is 2 male and 2 bitches.

Follow their development on the puppi page ;-)



Now, at last, we have proof that Harley, not only is handsome on the outside, but also has beautifull hips.

DKCH- dubbel DKKJUB07 - KBHV07- Gold Dog Of The Year 07 Rich Riesen´s Bang - A - Boomerang has ben examined and received
status: A

We are congratulating Anja and Christian + Lego, and are looking forward to the posibillity of many small Harleys in the future, running around setting their mark in the world. ;-) Harley is now available for breeding with aproppriate bitches.

We are also wishing good luck with the training. We understand that both Christian and Harley finds it enjoyable - Wonderfull !!!!

- But you can read more about Harley and his family on his new super website:



Time flies when you are having fun !!!!!!

It is like it's friday everyday. Which is nice as the weekend is just around the corner. However, it also reminds you about all the things you had planned for the week, that hasn't been done. ;-)

It feels like it was only last week Soffy had a "Date" with Vitus - but the calender tells differently. Actually it was time for a scanning of Soffy !!



According to plans Soffy should give birth in the middle of March - So, many buyers and of course ourselves as well became very happy about this. - Hopefully this sweet time of anticipating the little ones arrival will pass as quickly as the last few weeks.

BIR Flame v.d Talmühle - BIM Giganteros Hocus Pocus

And what have we done while waiting ? - This weekend we went to Odense for a dogshow. Very intimate - and a very tight fit, as there was no extra room along the show area. Every little inch was used to its maximum extend. It was a challenge. - A very tight experience ;-)

However, the day was a in every way a success for us !!!

3 of our lovely puppy buyers had choosen to spend the day with us. Taja, who is already an old friend, beautifull as ever. Kasmir and Rufus had also showed up to give their brother Makker competition.
Ihhh.... You get so proud when three handsome males are entering center stage.

Unfortunately all images of the trio were underexposed. So we hope to photograph them at a later stage !!

Flamme are continuing her good performance as in 2007 - She became once again BIR, This is a habit you will never get tired of.......

However, we are already tired of the new qualification system of DKK "Win or Leave". That sucks. - And it will not encourage you to bring more dogs to the show. I hope they themselves have "Seen the Light" in this new system. Hopefully they will be able to enlighten the rest of us ......

Finally, you can see the results from the show on the show page - And remember to follow the development of the coming puppies on the puppy page.......

Show in Haarlev - It's always cosy !!!

Now, where we are so many that are participating in shows with our wonderfull dogs, it's especially nice when familiar faces are showing up, with their beautifull dogs. We are wishing all our competetive collegues congratulations with their results.

Starparade ;-)

This years first show was in many respect a debut. First and foremost there are the new competition rules. Secondly it is the first time Kennel Rich Riesen are participating in both the stock and breeding classes.
Despite our beginners nerves everything went just fine.
Unpolitely we took the victory in both classes.

Flamme, who did not participate in the previous mentioned classes, had to come up with another way to contribute to the good humor of the day. So, on the day, she became New Danish Club Champion.

Flamme, New Danish Club Champion

The conclusion of the first show of 2008 can only be, A Success !!
Fine results and good training to our "Stars in spe" - and best of all: We will meet again very soon.

2008 is still a very new year - However, Kennel Rich Riesen is already in Full Speed !!!

In the second week of 2008, Ulla called to telle us that she and Taja would come to Thisted to take the FP (Færdselsprøven).
"Off we go", Naturally I had to cheer for my little "darling" and mommy Ulla.

There I was ....... a very proud "kennel mother" with butterflies and, I must say, tears in my eys, when Taja and Ulla mede a very fine performance !!!!!
During their performance, it came to my knowledge, that the duo previously has passed the Beginners Test (B Test).
OK - Call it Jysk modesty !!!! Here we don't sell the bear until it has been shot. - Something others might learn from....

It's a indescribable joy to be able to gratulate Taja and Ulla with their fine results. Knowing that "Nothing Comes From Nothing".
And the results can only be the result of the dedicated work and training by Ulla.
Thank you for loving, and believing in our mutual darling Taja.

Sister Soffy is also a Lady with many surprises......

Just as we think we know all about her - she repeatedly surpsises us again and again ;-)
It has long been planned that she should be mated when she would come in to season again.
Suddenly it was Now! - About a month earlier than expected.

At this moment she is visiting Vitus at Kennel Maren Brem´s - for as Jeppe says: To have "puppiefleas" put into her stomach.

We are hoping for succes, so the fantastic smelle of puppies can, once again, be felt throughout the house.
The buyers, that are shortlisted to get a puppie from us, can begin to look forward to recieving their new best friend into there lives
- And it's worth the wait!!
Read all abouit it under puppies...... ;-)

Soon the Show Season will begin all over again. We are, like everybody else who likes to torture themselves in participating in these events, gone into tuff training.
Obviously we know that many are hoping to make 2008 their year, as 2007 was our year.
We are looking forward to see you all again in 2008, and we will give you, as always, qualified, fair and friendly competition.

So, Go ahead ....



Click here and watch Christmas Cards from our friends

Merry Christmas to All.


It is with joy and great pride we presents......

Flame v.d. Talmühle

We have known it for a while....... actually since august - None will be able to reach Flamme in the competition to become Race winner 2007. - Besides - Flamme has also become Best Riesenbitch 2007 in DSPK.

A few other things we can recollect with pleasure in a short time, when we are looking back to the events of 2007.

- And we are very thrilled .........

Not the least because we have someone to share our happy events/hours.
We have mentioned it before, but we are lucky to have fantastic byers of our puppies. And not least friends, that are supportive beyond imagination.

We have mentioned Harley many times before - but this time we would like to give credit to speciel girls, Majken and Taja...

These two girls just performs so well. Majken displays Taja in a way that you would think she was a pro.
It's a pleasure to watch.
If you can't tell the obvious, I can with pleasure reveal that Taja is the daughter of Flamme - & Krass.
We are hoping to see much more of the two beautiful girls in 2008.

This weekenden we participated in the annualy Christmas show in Thyhallen, Thisted.

When it's possible, due to our full schedule, we like to participate in the local arrangements. Unfortunately many of them are collapsing with the schnauzerclub arrangements - Luckily enough, not the anually christmas show.

This year we had promissed Jeppe, that he could participate in the Child and Dog competition.
Jeppe wanted to run with Switch - but she was running too fast - next choise was Flamme, but she is too big -

Luckily enough, aunt Rita had brought little Loppe......

After many alternative displays............ did Jeppe & Loppe charm their way to a fine 4. position, out of 12 very good children.

- And we can only say:

The greatest gift is the smile in your eyes.......


And the success continues.............

There was great excitement on this year's last club show in Haarlev, Denmark. - If the winds were in our favour, we would reach another milestone in the career of breeding and dog shows…...

The wind definitely was in our favour…….. BIR Flame v.d Talmühle & BIM Rich Riesen´s Bang - A - Boomerang.

Hereby Harley became The Gold Dog Of The Year !!!!!!!

Oh my - what a fantastic feeling, our "little" homemade boy from our very first litter!!! - Such results doesn't come by itself. We can not say it too often: Thank You, Thank You very much to Anja & Christian, because, like us, you have been bitten by the "show-bug". And Thank You for taking so good care of our "joint" baby. - And Thanks to Ulf Bråthen for your always perfect trimming of Harley.

We like to win very much - But…. Bad luck to our "worst" (read lovely) competitor Hexie, who unfortunately became unfit for fight, due to an inflamed paw. Dear Henriette & Christian, you have our sympathy: So close!!! We would have liked to give you a fair competition - But Hexen wanted it differently. Fortunately we all know we will meet again next year - where the battle will commence again.

Flamme had a busy day. After the BIR competition - she would participate in junior-handling with Kim Kure. The beautiful girls did it again - they became:

Best in Show Junior-handling

It will bee interesting to see if Kim elects to show Flamme in Herning, at the Junior Handling Competition. - If she does, the competitors will have to "run fast" to follow up. Well done Kim.


Thankfull and humble..... that must be it.

We have had a fantastic year.

We have achieved results we never thought were possible
- or only possible in our dreams......

- But this year it all became reality. And while we still have the buzz, it might be reasonable to remind ourselves that it very well can be many years before this kind of results will be repeated.

- This sweet smell of succes.

22nd & 23rd September, we had made our way to the Czech Republic. More precisely Mlada Boleslav in the outskirts of Praha. Here the annual ISPU - Exhibition was held. We knew in advance that there would be a lot of dogs - 99 Riesen Schnauzere - It's not very ofte so many are gathered in one place.

We vere spending the weekend with good friends - even though the poor folks "only" have Standard Schnauzers, anyway it's always a beginning. - Hi Hi.......
We had a fantastic weekend. Most memorable times, brilliant weather, nice food, lovely dogs, and unforgettable results. It's hard to emphasize one dog in particular, because they all got top results this weekend....
Dulle took it all the way - Our little girl became Best In Show Puppy Nr. 2 !!!!!
Makker won its class on both days,
Flamme became 2nd winner in Championclass on both days - Again beautifully displayed by Stavros,
Asia got its final ISPU CAC, and can now claim ISPU - Sieger. Possibly the first danish owned riesen to achieve this titel in many years. She also shined through on sunday by becoming 3rd best Champion. - Oh yes - we are on a roll in Thy.

Possibly also because we had the opportunity to bring another dog into our family....

It's with pride we introduce...

Wonderfull Walk Switch

Switch is from Serbia, and we would like to thank Neda & Bojan Stakic for letting us ad this beautifull little girl to our family.
Now we can only, as always, hope for the best concernig the future.
Beautifull and feminine that's for sure !!!!


Male winnings in Brøndby........


It was indeed a very windy day in Brøndby. But since we live in Western Jutland, we are used to it. However, we would have prefered the weather from a more gentle side!!!

On this, the first of the year, dogshow in Copenhagen - 15.09.2007 - It was a real mans show. The judges, anyway, preferred our males. - well, the fourlegged kind. Makker started off with by becoming best puppy, and Harley, did it again: Best Male of The Show - Thereby becoming Copenhagen Winner.

Many thanks to Anja & Christian by displaying this handsome boy. It gives us much pleasure to see.

Results from the "Broads" are available on dogshow.

Venus - N Dei Demoni Neri - Best in race ( BIR).......

Another lovely weekend for Kennel Rich Riesen.
This time in Lillerød, where DSPK then 25'th & 26'th of august held a doubelshow.
We had good success both on saturday and sunday - Resultats are available on dogshow -
But we would like to brag just a little:

Makker became Best Puppy both saturday and sunday.
Flamme became Best female saturday.
Venus became BIR & Harley BIM sunday.
Many congratulations to Kim, who had great success with Flamme sunday in juniorhandling= Best In Show juniorhandler. Well done girls.

All those fine results, however, would be nothing worth, without the support from good friends...
Thank you for every hug, kiss and friendly words - Without you, nothing would be the same!!!

Jubilee Winner X 3 - Yes, it's very true......

BIM - New Danish Champion -
Rich Riesen´s Bang-A-Boomerang & BIR Flame V.D. Talmühle

After a wonderfull weekend in Vejen - with lots of cosiness, sunshine, laughs, joy, wonderfull dogs and likewise humans - came to an end, it was time to assess the "catch". And what a weekend!! The great results can be viewed on our show page, but:

It was the weekenden where Kennel Rich Riesen got it's first "homemade" Champion. Congratulations to HARLEY - Rich Riesen´s Bang-A-Boomerang, and the owners Anja & Christian Ferslev. Harley made a clean sweap by becoming Best Male on both days. Hereby becoming dubble jubilee winner.

The combination Flamme/Stavros made a fine start, becoming BIR Saturday, hereby securing the third Jubilee titel. Many thanks to Stavros for super handling, and to Helle for super accessories.

- Sunday Sommer(summer) really came to Vejen..... Congratulations to Kennel Matica and Gloris Body Talk with BIR Sunday. It's never a shame to loose to such beautifull girls !!!!

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