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Super agents

It happens from time to time it when you are a breeder, suddenly one is left with a dog either no longer fit into the flock, has an HD status which excludes it from breeding - in all cases in our eyes - the dog that never became the fantastic exhibition star or just the fact that someone has more use for it than us. The dog has earned his own family where it will be the star - number one - instead of in a flock where it will be among 8-10 other dogs, that must struggle for attention, goodies and the golden moments ...

These dogs has not been NOT discarded and thrown away - quite the contrary. They are beloved, deeply respected and in many cases, dogs who have touched us - our breeding and our hearts deeply.

These dogs never officially changed owners - they own us - and us them. They are not sold, they are given away ...... This no matter how many titles - and which dogs are found on their pedigree - anyway nobody can afford to pay the price they are worth to us.

As a breeder you have many responsibilities you have to live up to, one of them is that our dogs always has the best possibilities to get a nice, long and eventful dog-life - and although it many times it really really hurts to admit it - it might not always be the best place here with us - it is possibly seen with our eyes - but not with the dog ... And we must ALWAYS remember to see things through the dog's eyes - it is us who have "minds" and therefore we have emotional quarrels- and believe me, we have that too. It is never easy to say goodbye - but in this case, we fortunately are so lucky that we can say so long.

It hurts indescribable to have to send them away - people who have seen me send puppies away - may have an idea of how awfull a situation I am in - but I act on the dog's behalf and for its best. Fortunately, there it is not long before we get the loveliest feedback about how fantastic a beautiful dog they have and how much it enriches their family life - and suddenly - all three parties are winners- the dog - the new families and ourselves.

"I pull myself together.... Kissing you softly - Looking one last time into your beautiful dark eyes - Smiles through tears - Trying to keep your scent and your expression on my mind - And i will let you go - You get a piece of my heart along - Thanks for everything my FRIEND ....... My Super Agent! "

Venus- N Dei Demoni Neri (DKCH)
B. 03/11-2004
Rich Riesen´s Lookin´ For A Reason.
B. 21/01-2007
Flame von der Talmühle (DKCH, KLBCH, DKKJUBV07, DKKV07)
B. 08/04-2004
Rich Riesen´s Here Comes The Sun.
B. 06/05-2006
DKCH Rich Riesen´s Pagan Baby.
B. 21/01-2007

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