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What a weekend!

Asia is a fantastic team player ..... but I knew that very well; O)

So let's begin with all the little new lives which emerged 09:11:10 - and let me say Asia did everything she could, as long as her strength sufficed ..

6 lovely liquorice it was - but unfortunately we had to say goodbye to the youngest boy, but we know he is better off where he is now ..
So 5 "cuties" are left - 1 girl and 4 boys. Big (all above 500 grams) broad, short and shining black they are.

I have long surrendered myself - I'm deeply in love!


Right now I am enjoying the tranquility on top of a hectic day - for as aforesaid Asia did everything she could - However we had to capitulate and finally pulling the last two thugs out by caesarean. - And here it is so quiet that you can hear a needle fall to the ground - and it just proves that Asia knows her stuff!

Great feeling to have puppies in the house again - and see the childrens reactions - Jeppe's scene accustomed and know the whole grind, but unfortunately I haven't got any pictures of Laura & Linus' reaction when they saw the small ones .... They squealed and clapped their small hands, tumbled over the edge to the litter box and hugged the closest ones. - Until Linus seemed that now was the feast over, he got up put his finger to his lips and said: SCCCHHY! Doggies sleep - and switched off the light!

Sleep is exactly what they need in the coming few weeks - but then the fun starts .........

We also had a blast in the weekend; O) One day more than the other - HA HA - and we are not talking anymore about that!

The entire weekend's results can be seen on the show page - but strangely enough, I ONLY want to talk about Sunday's results here .....

As mentioned in the previous update - Makker could ensure the title DKK Race Winner 2010 (DKK Breed winner 2010) if not Gloris Shockdog came to visit - which she fortunately did not, O)

And not only that - he was also runner up as Golddog in Schnauzer Club - only beaten by Klanens beautifull Cha Cha (Klanens Dame Dancer)
Congratulations to Kennel Klan!

Sværte also had a very nice weekend in Herning and got Exellent both days which Sværte's mother is quite comfortable with; O)
Furthermore she was also ranked BIK4 (Best bitch # 4) on saturday.

Now we just need our lovely Greco - and you gotta say that he took cruel revenge on Saturday's "abominations" ...


When the day was over he had won: BIR (BOB) - Danish Winner and finally, he finished off with by being Group 4 (BOG4)
definitely a pretty euphoric feeling to stand there - at the HUGE exhibition with over 3,200 dogs entered - with the number 4 in the unquestionable largest group of them all - Group 2

I'm so proud - and are sending more than one kind thought to Helena Glanznerova Kennel Radinie because she chose us as Greco's new family.
From my heart THANKS!



So it's time for a little news here from the northwestern part of Denmark ;O)

A lot of little news ...... we are expecting puppies - HURRA !!

After a year without a new litter I guess it's about time ?

We had considered to wait with puppies until The Young Generation Egentlig were old enough - but ...... Asia was in heat, and after pressure from everywhere and everyone I was persuaded. Greco has been in the picture before, some years ago, and now that he was here and Asia in Heat - it was time!!

- And yes it's true - in a little while, the house will be filed with new little creatures, - Asia's tummy is big and round, it's just about time and I'm thrilled ;O)

Se more info on the puppy page - They are due betwen the 5th and 9th of November 2010. We have some reserved, however from the scanning I can see that there are a few in "surplus".

Terco de Pichera "Greco"   "ASIA" N Dei Demoni Neri
Terco de Pichera
IPO1 - HD A - T4 U.A
HD A - AA 0 - T4 U.A

Otherwise no changes: Jeppe is beginning to learn to sit quietly in 0A, and Linus & Laura manages the day care with tough and savvy hand - the truism of 2 year-olds. Language, motor skills & personality gets better day by day; O)


We have also participated in some shows, you can see the results on the show page, but we must note that Greco has started with flying colours, Best In Show and new Danish Champion in his first show. Copenhagen Winner on the next show a.s.o. A wonderfull feeling when everything comes perfectly together. We hope it will continue...

Inthe horizon, the Herning show, the last show of 2010. It's again Makker, Greco and Sværte that will participate. If everything comes together, and a certain dog from Kennel Gloris stays away, the Makker can possibly ad another title to his CV.

Hvis alt flasker sig, dvs hvis én bestemt hund fra Kennel Gloris IKKE kommer - kan Makker føje endnu en tittel på hans CV.

Too early to jump to conclusions - so we are holding our breath in excitement !! Ahhh.... I can look forward to a good weekend - Maybe with the birth of the puppies - otherwise the Herning Show - Anyway I will be enjoying it all !!



Hey Bang Chocolate it's me who is in charge here ...
Well just a little bit ? - Time seems to be one factor which is indeterminate. Either it moves on blatant slowly, or that's how it feels, and anyway before you know it, time has just flown away. Well - things happens - don't spend more energy on it - I can't change it anyway - at the most use it a little better - but uh ... no - it is not my way ;O)

A fantastic summer has now become almost late summer, this summer has included everything that I love the very most and value most:
Children, dogs, sun, ice, dog shows, strawberries, water in the garden, shade, laughter, hugs, the smell of newly mown grass, kisses, flowers, friends, etc. Now I am full, happy and satisfied .... so now comes dessert .... Late summer - Ahhhh

No doubt we will keep many wonderful memories with us from the past few months .... First there was the World Dog Exhibition - A whole chapter in itself ....
Old and new friends came from near and far, and the whole house buzzed with life and atmosphere. There were people and dogs everywhere - it was tough while it lasted, but it was all worth it - and I will do it again anytime!
The day before WDS, DSPK held a great club show - one of the best as I can recall - Great atmosphere - lovely and beautiful dogs, sweet and nice competitors ;O)

We had three beautiful dogs: Makker, Mojo & Sværte. All three appeared at their best - and it was rewarded ;O)

Think about it, Makker was the fourth best male in a large and beautiful field of male dogs from most of Europe - where the quality in itself is a great capacity.
Our own little wonderful FEDTMULE, very own homemade MAX MOTOR. I do not know if it's age .... uh I hope not! - But I cried. Our good friend Kai sent me a glance and a smile - Why are you crying? Well - Well - Well - Look .... Makker is number four! In front stands, many will probably think (I do), three dogs from the Kennel that has set the agenda within our race over the last decade - the kennel, representing the image of how a Riesen schnauzer should look like - and just behind ..... was my Makker & MY Martin - so yes, I cried and I do it again when whenever I produce the happy moment - hope I will be forgiven; O)

As if that was not enough, little Sværte became 4th Best Junior bitch - I hope the wings can carry, for flying she does, with a grace and feminimity rarely seen alike .... Mommy's dog, right?

The next day on the World Dog Exhibition The collection box of beautiful dogs even greater - The judges were new and they appreciated other things than the previous day- but it was still beautiful beautiful dogs from Kennel Gloris who won ;O) Makker got his Exellent in the champion class and the smile came out again ;O) Girly Girls Sværte & Mojo was "judged" and found the not up to the "cut". Never mind, they have the time ahead ;O)

No sooner WDS was over, and our lovely guests had gone home we went onwards to new adventures .... To get this summer Surprise!
In late May, we received an email in our Mailbox with an offer we could not refuse - so we went on our way to the Czech Republic to get a "living legend" Terco the Pichera.


That dog has been on my mind for many many years ..... and now suddenly in a split second, he became ours - it is almost incomprehensible!
I am deeply deeply grateful to have this beautiful dog offered, and very very proud to call him ours - I think many will understand when they meet him. He is the epitome of what I could have wanted .... the images speak for themselves, they have taken a few days after we got home, and so is he ... big, beautiful, gentle and very charming - it feels like he always has been here - and NOW he will be.


The holiday was used to recharge the batteries ... small trips here and there. The feeling of quietly slipping into a rhythm - where both children, dogs and adults wanted to be - Fantastic!

But - Hey what is this? Suddenly I have a big boy - now, it is over with being an innocent little kindergarten boy - now the real life begins ... - But it is also here that lies the key to knowledge, prosperity and development.
My Troldepus, bringer of happiness and sunshine boy Jeppe was a now a school child ...
I praise me happy that it is not me who must get him to sit still ....

Dear Jeppe give them the best you have - and you will get it a thousand times back ...

I absolutely have the world's best family - husband, children, dad & siblings - And thats Final...... A good starting point for being happy; O)


Now we have almost reached the end of the line..... in the time of writing, we just got back from Vejen - another wonderful exhibition, and even more wonderful experiences to "Memory Lane". Actually Terco was supposed to have had his exhibition debut this weekend ... But then tactics kicked in, and the beauty must wait until the club show in Mosede later this month ... ;O)

On this the trip we only had Makker and Sværte Sweetheart - because that is just what she is, she is so whimsical that you never discovers when she turns on her "inner Bitch" and are playing all the her tangents of charm...

It's very long ago there were so few Riesner on an exhibition, but those who were, were wonderful ;O)
Our competitor on the day was beautiful Sommer (Gloris Body Talk), who just returned from Russia with lots of success in her bagage, she would be a hard nut to crack ....

But no match without a fight... Makker was BOB for the third time this year at the international exhibitions and we could even present three times BOS, but with three different females - great to have more strings to play on ... This time it was Sværte that drew the longest straw - only 14 months old!

As Melisa so well wrote on my FB profile: THAT SMILE TELLS IT ALL ... and I think it does. Never mind that I am a little round the edges ... I am indescribably happy and proud!

I am a fortune pamfilius.


Wonder if there's EVER happens anything from kennel Rich Riesen?

Hm Hm ... I believe that it is quite the opposite that is the truth ... Never a quiet moment, O)

When reading this the ENTIRE website will be updated, "Our Dogs" - "Super Agents" - Puppy Shows etc. It's been a long haul ....
I wonder how I still have time for it ....... ? Have you guessed it? Well yes!

I just had surgery for a discus prolabs - for the fourth time! When the third wasn't a succes I only hope the fourth time is the last time.

Hm - well then it is said - and so I do not bother wasting more time and effort into that.
This years best news so far has been - Harley


passed not only IPO1 but IPO2 as well!!!!


DKCH-KLBCH-DKKJUBV07-KBHV07-Giant Of The Year 2007 - Nordic Winner 2008 - FP - BPAB - BPABC - BHP1 - IPO1 & IPO2

Oh my!!! Proud is not the word....... I am very greatfull and humble about the huge work that Christian & Co. has put into this magnificent dog - 1000 1000 thanks.
It is nice to be able to proof that both Beauty & Brain CAN be found in one and the same dog - especially when it is coming from us ;O)

Our own diamonds has also performed very fine in the shows this spring.

Makker & Aya

Makker began by becoming Best In Race (BIR/BOB)in the first two international shows in Denmark - Furthermore he became Club Champion on the DSPK Club Show on Mols.

Sister Aya has also performed brilliantly. She became new Danish Champion in Hillerød - where Makker became BIR - At the same time the both qualified for the coveted Cruft in England.

Since then Aya found a new family - but you can read all about that in "Super Agents".

Our new circus princesses - or the Clover Leafs - as they also are called are doing their best not to makes us bored - It's a big job with so many young dogs in the house - but also very giving.

Linus & Makker

The spring has also been one long preparation for the WDS (World Dog Show) - and it's almost surreal that it will be on in less than two weeks, as it has been on the horizon for so long. And a totally different experience than when we are travelling abroad. Now we just pack the dogs in the car and go, but this time... come on - lovely guests/friends are comming from all over. Things are arranged and organised, but we are still fighting dilemmas... like for instance.. the kennel needs to be chalked, but the white chalk will colour anything that touches it. Including nosy dogs. White nosed Riesenschnauzers are not in fashion on the WDS, either is a Schnauzer without the beard - which I obviously forgot to tell the teenagers Sværte - Mojo - Nimbus & Maxi...

All parents has tried this when the daughter with the long beautiful hair, has been playing hairdresser and now looks like an experiment from a saloon in the 90's. And it's to late to scold them - done is done - THEY HAVE EATEN THE BEARDS OF EACH OTHER - One for all, and all for one!!!

Well - no use in crying over spilt milk....

I think this was all I had on my mind at the moment?

Good luck to all on WDS - Can´t wait to meet you all !!!

All that is left is to wish you all a fantastic summer - that arrives when it awakens from its winter slumber...

Enjoy the new danish potaties, strawberries, the first cucumbers, the smell of the flowers, the sound of happy football fans, the smell of sunburned skin and the taste of salt water.
And all the other fantastic SURPRISES the summer may bring to you...



Anothr month passed since I wrote here last ...

I wonder if something has happened lately - You bet ;O)

So I can quickly join the choir, and sing along when they say, that the older you get - the faster the times goe - except when you are snowed in .... and we have been that many times this year ....

Fortunately, the weather showed it's nicer side at the very end of January - just after Jeppe's birthday, we went on the first exhibition in Fredericia.
For Kennel Rich Riesen it was a lovely day - Cozy company with friends and a lot of beautiful dogs in the ring. We had forgotten the champagne - but the bubbles were bubbling around the body any way....

Makker continued where he stopped in 2009 and became BOB - our fantastic guest - Johnni was 2nd best male with CAC and became new Danish Champion - And Harley was 3rd best male.
Switch and Aya also had luck. Switch was best bitch - very well done, only 3 months after having enriched us with beautiful puppies, and Aya was 2nd best female also with CAC, now she is only missing a CAC for the Danish Championships ... So it was some happy Rich Riesen'er returning to Thy after a fine fine day in Fredericia ;O)

No sooner have I sent one "Agent Rich Riesen" off to new adventures in a new family - before I do it again .... This time it was our lovely "Soffe Loffes" time to leave mummy

You never know when the perfect family are showing up to our beautiful girls - and actually, I never know when I'm "ready" to send my precious girls away - but when the right feeling is in the stomach and the heart beats the real extra beat - I know the time has come .....
The Storm family were actually looking for a puppy - but the structure of the family made me come to the conclusion that both they and a possible dog would get the best experience, if it were an adult dog that was their new best friend ..... And it was Soffy who would bring a little dog-joy into the small home.
I will NEVER be good at sending them away - but I hold my breath and let 'tears run - until I get the sweetest feedback.
Soffy has conquered the home in Fredericia - but like the other "agents" Venus, Dulle, & Flamme will always have a special place in my heart .....
Out of sight - but NEVER out of mind.

Then February ..... with more snow and infinitely beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see...
But just the thought of all this beauty, at a given time will be converted to ...... MUD is hard to bear!
The idea that the dog field suddenly can make any mud wrestling jealous arena makes me so...... Tired.
Think of how much mud that has to be vacuumed up, the nearly 2 tons that is remaining after it is dryed on the 40 to 44 riesen legs tha are stumbling around here, mind you this is after we have taken the worst with the floor mop and the brush and comb. Wonderful!!
But right now ..... in this second, it is paradise.
The dogs love it, despite age they are playing, racing, stumbling and laughing in "dogish" and it is a solace for the soul to be on the 1st floor and enjoy it all .....
So what's a little mud?


But no one becomes a good and noble dog by only knowing your own field ......

So we packed the 3 kids - Sværte, Mojo & Nimbus in the car and went to to the show in Nykøbing Mors.
Now that was a whole different world than what they known...


Granted, they had unfortunately never had a leash on - let alone been inside a gym before - but they took it all in a stride!
Sværte had her "show" debut in the puppy class, Mojo & Nimbus in the baby class, and what some talented young girls we have - they behaved as the most beautiful little circus princesses all day, and appeared familiar as young stars beautifully led to success by charm prince Jeppe.

Sværte ended the day by becoming BIS4 puppy on the show ;O)

( This kind of show is an exhibition where you have the possibility to practise and introduce the dogs to the magic of the larger shows)

Apropos magic - enjoy the picture below - for us dog people it says all!

It's hard not to smile, Right?

There were plenty smiles and celebration in Haarlev sundag February 14.th....

I have written it on my profile somewhere else - but will gladly repeat myself....
You need to have the horses to pull a wagon - and some times you are happily surprised when it's the Dark Horse that is pulling the load home.
Which was the case last sunday in Hårlev ;O)
As breeders we could happily and proudly observe, from the sideline, when the lovely Barolo ( Rich Riesen´s Laugh "N" A ½) became BOB & BIS3.
The stars and the smile in Charlotte´s beautiful eyes was a sight to remember.... Many CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for loving him - And THANK YOU to Susanne Rabjerg for your tender and loving guiding Charlotte and Kurt into the, sometimes hard, world of dog shows.

And what do I mean saying that?
I have once again learned my lesson! - Well it's never too late to learn ;O) and I will allways try to live by that.
Not that I haven't done it before, but I would like to be even better at it..
I do mean that I already now - even though I hate loosing - is the first to congratulate and motivate a happy winner - even though I may agree or disagree with the judge, that I have paid to judge my offering as Best dog.
Therefore I get annoyd when I can see "sore losers" sitting in the corners.
The hallmark of a good exhibit participant is precisely not to be only a happy winner - but also a worthy looser.....

And now to my point:

Victory is for the moment - Pride is forever


Knock knock....... Hello - I`m Back ......

Yes - life is indeed full of good intentions - sometimes you get them executed - sometimes not!!!

Now I have the difficult choice, where to start? - And where to end ..... ?
Should I work my way chronologically forward, or skip around like the little kangaroo?
HM ... Think Think.... OK - Hang On - Here it goes .....

Just before 2009 ends we can gladly note that:

MAKKER - Rich Riesen´s Ramble Tamble

Was Riesenschnauzer of the year in Denmark DSPK `S framework - very well done by our young boy! At the same time he can also write father on his CV - From the beautiful litter, Flame and he presented, we have retained the beautiful MOJO (Rich Riesen's Got My Mojo Working). She has eyes like deep forest lakes, a slender body like Marilyn Monroe translated as "dogish" and have already crawled under the skin of myself - which is dangerous .... but also very exciting. Kiss to Mojo.

Sidst kunne jeg jo her på siden også fortælle at søster lystig, altså Mojo´s søster, som vi kaldte Twitter stadig ønskede sig nye udfordringer.... Det gør hun ikke længere ;O) Kort efter ringede Anne-Mette og Twitter blev da til Schiva - og konverterede til Sjælland. Hun har fået en pragtfuld familie - og jeg håber hun gør os "ære" ved bare en gang i mellem at opføre sig som en artig lille dame ;O) Last time on this page I could also tell that sister merry, Mojo's sister, as we called Twitter still wanted new challenges .... Which she does no longer; O) Shortly after Anne-Mette telephoned and Twitter became Schiva - and converted to Sealand. She has gotten a wonderful family - and I hope she makes us "proud" by just ones in a while to behave like a good little lady

At the same time I had to take a very deep breath......

My beloved amazing charming wonderful Flash has in some strange way left us .... Not Beyond fortunately!

Early autumn my phone rang: Doesn't Flash need a new home? At the other end of the line was Annelise, a pressious and treasured friend, we were lucky enough to get when we had our first litter .... ØHHHH - no, not immediately - I can't do without! I replied - but why? Annelise put me into the situation, she so much was missing a friend - a four legged to be specific - which could take her out in the wild and relieve her pain in a difficult time .... In a split second I took my decision: When Flash is done with being a mother, she is your ....

That is the price ...... for loving these amazing creature - a price I would gladly pay, in view of what they, each little soul gives me back
The price is, always to think about what is best for the dog, and not what is best for me ... A life lesson I forever shall exert myself in, and remember - that it almost tears me apart when I have to let go of them and kiss them goodbye .... but fortunately, cheerio!
The price I must pay for unconditional love they generously gives me - and vice versa.

Annelise needed Flamme & Flamme needed Annelise.

At home - among a fragrance of spruce, roasted almonds and dog farts ..... Christmas was approaching fast .... And I have come to realise that we have become an large family in terms of both 2 and - 4 legged members. NICE - Just as I want and have created it ... but where the f... were the 6 extra arms and the extra 24-hour long daily "office hours" by which I so ardently wanted for Christmas?

Switch offered all she could. She certainly takes the title "Supermom 2009" Never has our puppy room been so cleaned for ..... hm - yes dog farts. I praise me in that regard that, after all, there only were 3 puppies - there should also be place for real food in her stomach ... Sorry! Are you in the middle of lunch? ; O)

Trio Fantastico - was / is absolutely adorable ... Harald, who has now left home, and the two "mopeds" Nimbus and Puch (Maxi) who still resides here, has brought so much joy - laughter and "Oh-so-shut-up" into our lives.

Puch (Rich Riesen's Book of Love) are still sending out job applications now 3 months old - but I am sure that eventually her new family pops up - and then she is ready!

Nimbus (Rich Riesen's Seven Wonders) must stay here and train us in patience, and the pronunciation of various curses when we do not understand the Biker Princess's wishes and commands ... He he - poor little Nimbus - she has no idea that we have lined up Sværte and Mojo to give her serious competition in the "play-house".

Apropos "playroom" We had the pleasure between Christmas & New Year to see Jens & LiseLothe again - now updated with "Little" Makker.
"Little" Makker (Kawa's Festus) has applied for Danish citizenship, and came by possibly to woe Mojo but first and foremost to play .- And played they did ...

Congratulations to him - a nice troll, we are pleased to welcome to little Danevang!!

Last time I was alive - I almost said .... We were just short of a single exhibition - The DANISH WINNER in Herning, November. With us was Makker, Aya & Johnni - who all did us proud with stable stable and fine performances throughout the weekend. So I refuse to write X won the Class X - when it was the only one who participated in the class - especially because, most classes had distinguished visitors from Mors to Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland and Russia. Both days with good atmosphere and very Beautiful! dogs. Results can be found under "Shows - 2009"

Congratulations to all winners; O)

In just a moment it all begins again - with renewed ennergi, new and old dogs, but best of all: The world's best competitors in and around the ring!
As a little child, I'm looking forward, even though I know that the competiton will increase - and that easy victories are no longer something that takes place in this area - here the competition will be too great. Fortunately, I think ... and lets the thoughts wander a decade and a half back to where we stood "two hookers and a pickpocket" in the ring .... It was also fun - but this is indeed fantastic - what an development over a relatively short period of time. Another wish coming true!

Well - I'll come around to it now .... some of you know probably already know...
The reason that I am now sitting here with lots of time, in front of the computer, is that Martin has thrown my time planner and the key to the grooming room away!
Since October, the most stressed part of my body - and it is in this case not the speach organ - has driven me crazy ....
My absolutely not popular back has put me checkmate again.
On 12 January, I was operated on for my 3rd discusprolabs in less than 7 years - Great statistics, is it not?
This time, my dear back thought that it would try something new - so it moved the prolaps down one level - between the last lumbar and sacrum - now that it had already made a collapse, and severe arthritis with pronounced changes the level further up, where it tends to roam ...
"Dejligt" Med en ryg der i den grad forstår at udfordre min ikke eksisterende tålmodighed og forståelse for denne undergravende virksomhed.... Stop så !!! "Beautiful" with a back that really grasps to challenge my nonexistent patience and understanding of this degrading function .... Please, Stop!
- and dear little back - just to let you know, I don't give up without a fight!

Benny Andersen says it in his own way:

Thi kendes for ret:
Du er dømt til at leve!
Du må ikke kassere din skæbne
Tværtimod tage den på dig
Fyld den ud
Som din hud!
Bid livet i låret
Find fremtiden frem
Rut med planer og visdomsord
For i dag skal der sørme leves!

- And that I do - I live - in deep symbiosis with my children, Martin, dogs, family and friends.
Knowing that missing just one of the aforementioned "Ingredients" overturns the load and chaos is created.
Many thanks for your always friendly and participative care.

Without you I was nothing.



Golden Dog 2009 - Rich Riesen´s Ramble Tamble

For 3rd year in a row wins Kennel Rich Riesen the title "Riesenschnauzer of the Year".

Harley (Rich Riesen's Bang - A - Boomerang) began a series of victories in 2007 - Then came the time for Switch in 2008 and Makker continues the success in 2009 - Great, because we all know that there has been and will continue to be many beautiful dogs waiting in the wings to rival us. That is precisely why we are extremely grateful and humble - the feeling of winning is delicate ..... - But the feeling of winning with your own bred dogs is simply indescribable. Our breeding offers precisely the essence of our ideas, vision and love for the breed - we interpret it as a testimony to us that we are on th right track ....

Thanks to all our lovely combetants for fair competition - None mentioned - None forgotten.

And then came the long awaited .... Swilles babies - Sunday 25. Oktober

Instead of the what the scans promised, a "Dynamic Duo," it turned out to be a "Trio Fantastico" and that is what they are - Fantastic.
The 50% extra was received eagerly! Two beautiful girls and a cheeky guy.
The birth was "terrible" Swille managed not a single labour ..... and then there will not come any puppies. Each time she was stimulated either by me or our very best veterinarian Arne (There once again threw a free weekend away to help us), she worked right after the book. The actual process is put into the "experience bank" all the while the outcome is enjoyed by both large and small.

The same weekend was also time to say goodbye to Flammes children.
No - no and no it is not necessarily easier to send them away just because you now have tried it a few times - and it was not to be rude if I quickly turned my back and went in when you drove away, but I can not speak coherently when the tears are rolling - my image as a macho woman suffers an unspeakable crack. Take care of my little ones, and remember a part of the price is kisses ... lots of kisses every day - it is what a real Riesen is made of; O)

And .... Oh well- and a h.ll lot of spiky teeth .... Unfortunately, I did not point that out too well to our wonderful puppy buyers - Sorry - But hold on, in a little fall while they will fall out and give room to new permanent teeth, which fortunately do not itch so much that they necessarily have to be used on everything and everyone; O)

I am looking forward to the day when I can update the entire website here, but I in the midst of the proces and every little step counts - see around - maybe there has been small changes here and there ...... Who knows?

Let me finally say that we still have one small and one "big" princess for sale.
Twitter, as we call her, is ready for new challenges - little princess will have to wait a little longer - quite exactly, she can leave home for Christmas, but thankfully it's a long time away !!!!!

Jingle Bells - Jingle Bells Jingle all the way........


It's No Secret.......

It can be both seen and felt that we have had more family members - both 2- and four-legged ...
Hjemmesiden her bliver ikke holdt helt så opdateret som jeg kunne ønske mig - men vi forsøger at holde tungen lige i munden og skruen i vandet - så går det nok endda The site here is not kept completely up to date as I would have liked - but we try to keep the tongue straight into the mouth and hang on - then it will be OK ;O)

Lately there have been lots of exciting things happening - and I will try to get around everything in this little update - which probably ends up being far too long - Hold on - Here we go ....

- er nu i løbet af et split sekund - sådan føles det i alle tilfælde - blevet 7 uger gamle. De er derfor snart klar til nye at skabe liv og lykke i deres nye familier. Den næste uges tid kommer til blive spækket med nye opleveleser og udfordringer for de små lakridsbamser. Jeg nævner blot Chipmærkning, besøg hos dyrlægen, gåtur i gå gaden, ormekur - igen, køretur i bil, smukkesering og millioner af kram fra os til dem - så de aldrig glemmer hvor de kommer fra... SUK - Nogen der gider slukke for tiden et øjeblik - Jeg er slet ikke parat til kysse farvel.... First there's our wonderful puppies. They are thriving - during a split second - so it feels anyway - are now 7 weeks old.
Therefore, they are soon ready to create a new life and happiness in a new family. Next week will be packed with new experiences and challenges for small liquorice bears.
I mention only a few, Chip Marking, visits to the vet, Street walking, deworming - again, drive the car, grooming and millions of kisses from us to them - so they never forget where they came from ... SIGH - anyone who cares to stop the clock for a moment - I am not ready to kiss goodbye ....

But just as I think it all gets a little too sad .... I can tell you that just as we must say goodbye - we can also say hello; O)
Switch will be give birth in the same weekend as all of Flamme's kids are leaving home. Unfortunately, the scan proved that Switch only had two puppies in the abdomen .... - But two is better than none - and I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well. See more about this combination on our puppies page.

Otherwise, we have been busy with dog shows, - and so we've held 1-year birthday .... Laura and Linus rounded's the first sharp corner on October 7th. They have started in daycare and they just love it. It is simply fantastic to get two happy and welll stimulated children home from Pernille, their childminder, and know that they have enjoyed every minute of it. Not once have they cried when I've delivered them - well done by Pernille and my children.

Concerning dog shows - one follows the other.... However, there is one which has distinguished itself, the WDS in Bratislava .... and let's just make it clear with a doubt .... Martin will never get permission to go alone again .... It was so easy, a few months ago, saying: You just go - then I will look after the puppies and children. I would have given my right arm to have been there .... All our great friends from abroad were .... with of course the best friends here from small Danevang. Martin had Makker with and shared the journey with Christian, Harley and Shrew. I have mentioned it before: But at these large exhibitions it's half a victory to get an Exellent in Champion Class .... and both of our wonderful homemade boys got it. The entire Danish team had a wonderful trip - and unfortunately I do not think they missed me quite as much as I missed them - HA HA ...

In the car on the way home from Bratislava, there was an extra passenger ......;O)

We are very pleased and proud to present our guest:

Wonderfull Walk Superstar.

Johnnie, as he is called - will be staying with us until the WDS in Herning 2010. I hope I will be able to present his own page on this website soon.

Thanks to Neda & Bojan for trusting us with your beautiful Johnni.

And to think tomorrow it all starts again .... the last show of the year's club show - See you.



A lound voice comes from the puppy box: MOMMY .....
Pedro's eyes are open
- And it's true....

The lone rooster in the basket had opened his beautiful eyes - and since he is the only boy, we've already been told by the new owners that he will be called Pedro ;O)

The girls will not be left behind, so they hurried opening their eyes to the visual world.
Now we are just waiting for the next milestone, opening their ears, so they can hear, but that will probably take anothet week...... and then the peace and quite is over.
Then they will actively participate in the life in the house - and will certainly give their opinions ....

So we are enjoying the last "quiet week" - but are hopeful for the future - it is more fun when they can both see, hear and have "legs" to carry them. ;O)

Flamme is doing fine after her little "incident" - and thrives just fine being mother again, and enjoys the attention that rubs off to her.

Time is precious - in a short moment they will be big enough to move away from home. This applies to both dogs and human universe
... A fact you as a mother - whether you have two or four legs often wish you could run away from - SIGH!



Finally they came
I think rarely puppies have been expected with so much longing, as these - perhaps because it is so long since we last had puppies ..

It was all planned down to the smallest detail - if that is possible. Friday the 28th August, I sent Martin, Jeppe and Makker on a Boys Only Trip to Hamburg, where Makker should be exhibited a few times over the weekend. - And then we girls had it quiet for the upcoming family expansion ... I can quickly add that the exhibitions went very well - and the result can be read on the show page.

My intuition told me that the birth would take place this weekend - It is the secret pact bitches have made with veterinarians, since they naturally need a little extra for their work ;O) Saturday morning as the temperature dropped down to below the magic 37 degrees, which indeed gives us breeders a hint about that the birth now should start within 24 hours. Wait, wait, wait - yes and so I waited a little longer .... Jeppe called home periodically: Mom! has there come some puppies? Oh No ..... Flamme took it quietly - she dug a little in the puppy box, ate her food and slept!

Sunday late morning - we just had to slip by the veterinarian, since it was now more than the 24 hours since the temperature dropped. Everything was fine .... and we returned home hopeful. The time would pass 17:30 before there were some action in the proceedings ... It is always exciting to see how many are born, and not the least the genders! As the time passed 21:30 the show was over ...... 8 females and 1 male had Flamme saved in her stomach :O) Sadly did 3 of the girls only a brief stop here before they went off to "Puppyheaven". One died at birth and two passed quietly away during the first 48 hours. But great is the joy of the 6 that are still here!!

Flamme is a fantastic mum - She proved that after a few days....

Wednesday morning I thought that her expelled "motherhood" had changed color, not alarmingly but still. I looked in the box everything was quiet, the puppies ate peacefully and Flamme relaxed. I had a strange feeling .... my intuition is a rare good friend! As a result of which I took her temperature - and to my surprise it showed 41!! I called the vet and the next 24 hours were very thrilling. A x-ray showed that there was nothing hiding in the stomach ... and despite a heavy cocktail of antibiotics, we could not get the temperature to drop ... Flammes pulse was sky high, and yet she managed to look after the puppies and despite some heawy panting seemed very well. I was in regular contact with our vet throughout the day and evening. Our own vet was not on duty - but nonetheless called to check up on Flamme late Wednesday evening. Since nothing had changed - we agreed to meet at the clinic later......

After close to two hours we were ready to go home again ..... Flamme now without her uterus.
Even before she was fully awakened after the anesthetics she tumbled into the box - laid down so the puppies could suckle - and slept it off ...

Today, Friday, everything is again pure idyll ... Flamme is fresh and the puppies are thriving.

I sit back with a deep gratitude to have a veterinarian who understands how precious and loved our dogs are - and despite meetings and evening off´s had the commitment to be there for us when we needed him - THANKS Arne!!

We can now look onwards again, and look forward to keeping you updated on the life of the puppies during the next 8 weeks ;O)



Time flies when you are having fun......

- And we do what we can to keep up !!

It is incredible how long 9 weeks can feel - but that's how long it takes for young puppies to be ready to face the big world.

First we sent Flamme to training camp .... such little creatures can be a bit intimidating ;O)

We can only say that she is in complete control! (But we knew she would be - Ha Ha)

Then it was time to pack the whole family in the mother's black container and take to a few dog shows ..... Hm, what to pack .... it requires its women, and hopefully one who is in good tune with the weather gods.

I was not..... and the Club Exhibition in Helsinge was probably the most expensive we've participated in to date . Well well, the weatherman on TV talking was talking about rain over the weekend - but you know, they do so many times ..... So - Okay Okay - I forgot to pack rain gear for the entire family. The traders in Helsinge benefited highly on my mistake - rainwear for two adults and 3 children is not a very cheap affair - but when the floodgates were open to God, throughout the day, there was nothing else to do. So did I learn from that .... maybe.

On the other hand was our "hotel" this weekend the very best of its kind - a place we would return to again and again.
Thanks to Anja and Christian for SUPER meals!
- Congratulations to Camilla & Summer with BIR and Holger & Zorro with BIM

Because it was a double exhibition we were at it again on Sunday. And on Sunday, with the sour weather gods apparently having a day off, the sun shone from a cloudless sky - nice!

Congratulations to Christian and Sue with the BOB - and the Danish Championships, who was already a reality on Saturday: O)

The weekend's results can be seen on the show page - and they are not so bad!

We had another lovely day - in good company with good friends. The last money was spent on maternity shopping - Vetbeds, stuffed animals and tiny tiny collars en mas - the sweet wait is indeed not yet over. Hopefully we can enrich several good families with their new best friend in not so long a future...

Jeppe is in no doubt who is his; 0)


Our greatest glory is not in never falling.... but in rising every time we fall !!!

Now it is a fact - Flamme is pregnant ;O)

She has been scanned - and we saw more than a handful of small beans - Think that they will become real puppies - Fantastic !!
It has been difficult not to share the joy with everyone - but the chances it would succeed were quite small. - I can just add it's like the feeling of having "won the lottery" quite delightfull.

Flamme's birth is set to week 35 - which is quite soon ;O) Some are already written up to a beautiful autumn puppy.

OK - You would also like to know who the father is.... well well - the proud parents are:

Flame V.D. Talmühle  - Flamme   Rich Riesen´s Ramble Tamble - Makker

Flame V.D. Talmühle - Flamme & Rich Riesen´s Ramble Tamble - Makker

You can see the puppies pedigree at the puppies page.

Finally, we wish to congratulate Lise & Cooper on a nice pass on the beginners test. Well done Lisa!


Time flies, when you are having fun.............. ?

Two months have passed without updates of the website - It's the first time since we began our first website in 2005.....
So be prepared !!!! Now comes a bunch of both good and bad news, we start with the "bad" to follow up with the "good" news.

In times of trouble, it is good to know your real friends ;o)

Thanks to all kind souls who have fully followed Flammes "condemned Spring" - We can happily say that Flamme is once again absolutely "fit for fight" but it has been a tough journey - I take my hat off to our cool girl - the pyometra was a terrible game!!!!

Yes - it was just now that Switch should have had puppies...... But it was obviously not meant to be that Rich Riesen should have small charming black gold nuggets this summer. For the second time we had to disappoint more than a handful of lovely puppies buyers. Really really sad - but do not worry we will get up on the horse again - and who knows what the summer may bring ......

Wonder what we have done with the time - we should have spent playing/nursing the puppies....... DOGSHOWS - offcourse, it will be too extensive to write about each one here - But you will not be cheated of the highlights!! The rest can be read on the show page.

At DSPK's exhibition in Ørbæk 17. May our wonderful "Soffe Loffe" Rich Riesen's Here Comes The Sun became new Danish Champion. Soffy resumed the exhibition "career" in January after nearly one and a half year break - that became her well ;0) Exciting to see how it will go in the competition with the senior champion girls.

In early June Martin had planned a "Boys only" trip to Neumünster - Just him and Makker, but perhaps we should stop planning because nothing is yet entirely according to plan this summer......

As the day came Martin had to capitulate - sore throat with fever, visits to the doctor on call etc. ....
Well - but Makker was ready, so I packed him and Jeppe in the car.

We made a pitstop at Helle & Stavros where we stayed the night
- See, here is the situation with distress and friends again ;o)

Many thanks for the lovely food and your wonderful personality + Your help coulden't be more appreciated!!!!!

The next morning we set course for Neumünster in brilliant sunshine - it changed rapidly ....
when we came to the exhibition area it began to rain - and it continued to rain until we left for home again ....
Do I have to mention that the exhibition was outdoors?
Well Well - but it takes more stopping us .... Would you like to hear the result of when "mother" exhibited "father's" Dog?

Rich Riesen´s Ramble Tamble BOB cacib show Neumünster..... ;o)

All sails were set at the DKK show when they held the double exhibition in Vejen in the weekend, 13. & 14. June - It was one of the seasons most enjoyable exhibitions!!
Children, dogs, friends, competitors/colleges, tents & cabins - not necessarily in this order - but in a great atmosphere .... Oh - how we had a good time.
On saturday, we were so "lucky" that the judge did not feel that our dog is just as beautiful as we do : o)
So we could pack up before noon and go up to Vingsted where we had rented four cabins.... and then it was time for cosiness and comfort. Thanks to Karen, bombers, and Harleys - it was just TOP NICE.
Sunday was our turn to smile broadly about the results:

BOB - Rich Riesen´s Bang - A - Boomerang & BOS - Flame V.d Talmühle

What next? - Well of course - the children ........ Here you have a picture taken in the Spring - Enjoy them, we do! and we often think of these words:

" The weeks turns into month and month into years There´ll be sadnes and joy, There´ll be laughter and tears But one thing I pray to heaven above May each of your days be a day full of love"



Open to everything happy and sad
Seeing the good when it´s all going bad
Seeing the sun when I Can´t really see
Hoping the sun will at least look at me

Well ...... it is really annoying - when things do not happen as we'd like - but there it is - and we must learn to accept when we are dealing with nature and living creatures.

No puppies for Flamme this time.

We had been wanting those puppies for so long - and so had the 8 families - which we unfortunately had to disappoint this time.
And - this is no consolation that the veterinarian believes that Flash has actually been pregnant, but has absorbed puppies .... But but but - we will repeat mating with the same combination in September - and hope in succees to get delicious black puppies at that time.

We should however have a few puppies in the house soon.........

We are in the fortunate situation that we have more lovely ladies to play - and quite as planned Switch will be mated next time she is in heat - which is like to be early May.

Switch   Harley

As Switch lucky mate we have chosen Harley (Rich Riesen's Bang - A - Boomerang) You can find a link to Harley's website under the link page - and there will be more info later.
We can already reveal that there is great demand for the puppies from this combination ... lovely.

Some of us have known for a long time .....

Harley is not only exceptionally beautiful - he is also a wonderful family dog - and then he can WORK!!

Saturday 4 April 2009 Christian and Harley passed the test for Beginner B - with 93 points out of 100 - with the grade SG (very good)

I know Christian & Anja are proud - but it is nothing compared to the "old Mother" here !!!!!!

Thanks to Christian for the huge work you do with Harley ......

Until we meet again, we have only left to wish you all a tremendous spring - See you out there somewhere ;o)

Breaking News!!!!!!

Just when we think the sun is not shining for us - it proves the opposite ;o)

Switch has come into heat, and we expect to mate her in the near future, so if the flowers and the bees are with us there will, afterall, be lovely summer puppies from Kennel Rich Riesen.

Now that was the perfect gift from the Easter Bunny.


Long time - No See.....

Time flies when you are having fun..... Things must be going well - and they are!!!

Firstly I would like to apologize to our coming puppy buyers.
I had promised to inform when Flamme went into heat....
But can now say that now she is pregnant !!!!!!

We hope the visit to Grisha and Fam. Wassmuth bears fruit
- In this case, puppies are expected late April ;O)

We had a really nice trip to Germany - although of course we could feel that we brought 3 small children along.
That notwithstanding, we had some wonderful days together with Kai & Verena
- and Flamme also took a liking to Grisha
- so now we just put "patience on cruise control" and keep our fingers crossed...

Above you can see how nice you can have it in a hotel room in Germany - And

if space is limited, it's all about being creative.

Otherwise we are spending our time on ........ Dog shows, of course.
Even when the "luck" is not blowing our way, we allways enjoy participating in the shows
- being with friends is not such a bad thing after all!!!
Results from Fredericia and Bø in Norway can be seen on the Show page ;o)

As Martin and Makker came to Norway a beautiful surprise was awaiting - Candy (Rich Riesen´s Everything Glows ) - was also enrolled for the show.
- And how beautiful she is developing - our little Norwegian Jente.
The weather was somewhat different than we are accustomed to in little Danevang and Martin had his desire to drive in snow tested to the limit
- but it was beautiful.

Finally, proof that love thrives across breeds:



As impatient as when small children are waiting for Christmas -
I waited to get the exhibition season kicked off !!!

- and I must just say that it got started in style ;o)

We began hard with district winter show in Nykøbing Saturday January 31.
This was in many ways a dress rehearsal of what may await us when we now are 5 people instead of 3 to get out the door at mid-night -
just because dog exhibitions act as narcotics on certain parts of the family....

Jeppe became the family winner on saturday....

Oh- The little charmer became nr. 2 in Child & Dog
and there was again a great many talented children participating.
Makker and Switch had also been allowed to join - and they got some really fine reviews. Makker was beaten by Holger's lovely Zoro, that also on the day became BIS. It is no shame to lose to a beautiful dog - but we were excited that the board was washed clean for Sunday - where the menu was the Special Club Show - and here there was really something at stake. Makker could achieve his 7th Cert - but most importently "The Age Cert". In other words he could become Champion .
We knew that perhaps it was too much to hope for, when he just 14 days in advance had turned 2 years......
But hang on:
The results were as follows:
2XCAC - BIM - 2. Best Bitch - BIR - 2xBIS

Makker began by getting Cert and became Best Male.
Soffy also got a Cert ( Only 1 missing now ) and became 2nd best bitch.
Flamme became best bitch and best in opposite sex (BIM)
Makker hereby became Best in Race (BIR) and also had received the og havde jo også fået the coveted Cert - and herby is he Kennel Rich Riesen´s 2nd homemade Champion.
HURRAY HURRAY !!!!! Ve are so happy....

And then waited the Common Competitions - this day in collaboration with the Schnauzer Club.
Jeppe started with full speed - he simply won Child and Dog with Billie. Thats how it should be done ;o) Nice to know that we always have a extra handler with us.

Makker & Martin were participating in Best In Show, this day there was a large field of 11 race winners. We had been fulfilled with the dream of the Danish Championat, and perhaps thats why we went a little more relaxed into the BIS.... And what can I say ?


Here is a picture of Makker (partner) and his partner ;o) just before showstart - and now I know what to say:

It's fantastic to win, and it is even more amazing to win with our own bred dogs - but the best is when you do it repeatedly - so you know that it was not a mistake ;0)

Thanks to all of you who helped, both in handling, child care and photography - and thanks for all the sweet greetings we subsequently received by e-mail.

The winning image of Makker comes when Stavros comes home from the "real" world and have it sent to us ;o)

We have now started a completely new and fresh year.

I would first like to thank everyone for the lovely christmas cards we have received during December. Every day it was a fight to be the first one to get to the computer to see who had sent us a thought.

December was also the month where Christian and Harley passed the "driving test". I'm sure Christian was just as nervous as when he first stepped into the showring ;-)
- But there was no reason to panic, the test was passed. The training has been worthwhile, and we would like to congartulate!!!!!!!!

Talking about worthwhile.
We are hoping that Flamme soon will be pregnant. On the puppy page we have announced our plans for our 2009 spring litter. Flamme should be ready ultimo January/primo February - And then we will take a little drive to Germany to visit Grisha and the Wassmuth family.
We are very much looking forward to the first snow.

Jeppe og Makker

The first snow came January 2nd. and it should off course be inaugurated properly. Jeppe and Makker had in any case some wonderful hours, they are now both exhausted and tired, as little boys does not stand still for long periods at a time, and these two are certainly no exception.

Time is, as you know, always running, and we would like to end by wishing all our puppy buyers, family and friends a tremendous 2009.

May there be more light than dark hours
- more victories than defeat to us all.


Read our Christmas Cards here.

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