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The dog that became her fate......

Yes, it may sound weird, but you are not always in control of which way life takes you, even though many probably may think the opposite.

When I look back on my life, since 1993, I can see a leitmotif forming, and it has come from my wonderful dog, Quark. Without Quark, my life would most likely have been quite different.

It all began with one dog, a small car and a flat. This dog was just so lovely that we had to get one more, so we could take it to dog shows. (Quark was a very beautiful dog, but faulty teeth, made him unfit for use as a show-dog) All right, here went the small car, later on another dog came along, and then the flat went. The small car became a van, and the flat has now been traded for a farmhouse.

Old stable, now houses large, light, and comfortable boxes.

I used to work as a receptionist, but with that job it was impossible to train dogs in the evenings, and going to dog shows at week-ends. I had to get another job, at the vet off course. The extra space at the farm was utilised to accommodate more dogs, both our own and as a kennel.

So, one single dog can be the reason to all things well......

Now my family counts 3 members, and you can wittingly say that we have gone totally doggish.


Is the biggest "doggie", who's heart always has pounded for animals. Tanja with puppy, june 2005.
As mentioned earlier, I had a fantastic job at the vet, where I worked as an assistant to the vet and as a dog trimmer. Unfortunately, back-problems put a halt to the, at times, physically hard work.
Besides the work at the vet, I had started my own kennel and grooming saloon. It began as a hobby, but has now become my profession.

And it's a magnificent life, full of lovely dogs and fine people. Beyond the work, my main interest is our son Jeppe, and yes, you guessed correctly, our own dogs, that has a tendency to increase in numbers. We are using all our spare time displaying our dogs at dog shows in Denmark and abroad.


Is the rational part of the family. He's in charge of finance, and his sense of order is thankfully showing all around the farm. And thank you for that. Martin has a job as a salesman at a local warehouse.

Martin dislikes dogs...... It was the comment I got when I asked him about his interest in animals, when we first met, several years ago.

Now Martin is at least as fond of dogs as I am. He likes them all, our own and the guest dogs at the kennel. And he is a marvel to handle them.

Martin has a definite gene for competition. He hates to loose. And he is attending dog shows as a matter of course. Which is some feat considering his dislike for dogs, in his first 25 years of life.


The family charmer.
He's primary objective is to become a big and fine boy. He loves the dogs, and they love him, in a way that can only make us envious. Jeppe is a fantastic boy, with high spirits and a certain amount of temper, which origins from both sides of the family.

His smile and clear blue eyes were worth the wait.

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